About Us

Once upon a time there was an island kissed by the sun, with a cloak of fine white sand beaches and surrounded by pristine azure waters thriving with an abundance of stunning marine life.

No motorbikes or cars were permitted on this island so as not to disturb its tranquility.

Lamps in the night were scarce and limitless moonlight reached down to greet the island and embrace it in a star-filled sky.

Visitors to the island were friendly and open travellers of the world, divers and explorers of this archipelago who didn't mind some minor inconveniences in exchange for the easy-going atmosphere and rustic tropical charm.

Only a fairy tale? Not at all. It exists and you too can enjoy this tropical paradise at Pearl of Trawangan.

Snorkel and / or scuba dive in rich underwater gardens with excellent equipment and Western dive teachers. Fish in the early hours of the night. See the island's 8 kilometer circumference from the back of a Cidomo, Lombok's traditional horse cart, from which you can admire the silhouettes of the mighty volcanoes Mount Agung on Bali and Mount Rinjani on Lombok.

After a day in the sun, visit a spa to experience the ultimate tropical island pampering or visit our beach restaurant for a true culinary delight.

After dinner, entertainment includes a party in one of the many bars on the beach, where you can dance the night away.

Our Rooms

Combining the best of Eastern and Western assets, ideas and talents these unmistakably Indonesian structures with Western comfort guarantee you a magnificent time on an idyllic sun-kissed island free of cars and motorbikes.

The dome-shaped “Lumbung” roofs or Suar wood furnishings give an exotic, tranquil and warm ambience that blends well with the modern touch of marbles and natural stones.

You will feel at home in these beautifully decorated rooms where love for detail is obvious.

Please note that we are currently adding rooms to our property and as such one area of the resort is undergoing construction. We do our utmost to ensure this impacts guests as little as possible and anticipate that construction will be done by the end of May 2018.

Our Facilities

Enjoy everything that you came to a small tropical island for:

the warm tropical sun,
the fine white sand beaches,
the crystal clear azure-blue ocean and
exotic pools with waterfalls and natural stones.

We have a one hundred and fifteen meter beach. Two pools each with their own unique atmosphere with views onto the beach and against the backdrop of Lombok's rugged Northwestern coastline and mighty Mount Rinjani nestled in-between tropical gardens. A restaurant with an out of this world design that embraces its natural surroundings and whose flowing lines meld seamlessly with the waves on the ocean in the background.